NEW COVID regulations, please read in full.  We are limited to 50% capacity, and do not have front desk staff to help with answering phones.  Please leave us a message, or text our text phone - and someone will get back to you as soon as we can.  Reminder we do require 24 hours notice for rescheduled / cancelled appointments or there is an inconvenience fee that goes tot the artist who reserved that time specifically.  You must have an up to date form of payment on file ( credit card / gift card ).

πŸ“’ Save this phone number : 484-773-2542 this is our text phone. When you arrive for your experience please wait in your vehicle, text us your name and that you have arrived, wait for someone to answer you back inviting you in. 
πŸ“’ As most of you, as well as us: are huggers. Unfortunately we will need to greet with a Shaka πŸ€™ instead xo
πŸ“’ We are required to supply you with all PPE: apply a disposable mask upon entry, and sanitize hands. Temperature will be taken with a contactless thermometer. There is a small $5 fee added to each ticket to account for this additional cost.
πŸ“’ Please come alone to your appointment, we are limited to how many guests we can have in the salon at one time. 
πŸ“’ No food or drink will allowed or offered, please come hydrated, and with a full belly. 
πŸ“’ If you or anyone you have had contact with in the last 2 weeks has been diagnosed with COVID-19, or been sick. DO NOT COME TO YOUR APPOINTMENT.  We will get you rescheduled.  As per new P.A. guidelines if you have traveled outside of the state within the last 14 days you must be able to provide us with a negative covid test within 72 hours of your appointment.
πŸ“’ Please DO NOT book any appointments online, we have strict sanitizing protocols to do between each guest. If your appointment  conflicts with this, or another guests appointment, it will be cancelled. 
πŸ“’ To limit points of contact in the salon we are requiring everyone to have a credit card stored on file. If you’re uncomfortable doing so please pre purchase an e-gift online to apply to your account. 
πŸ“’ Due to limitations on how many occupants we can have in the salon at one time, we have had to change our working hours. In the event you are not able to get in with your artist due to a scheduling conflict, we have a wonderful team of artists who can accommodate your needs until we get back to β€œ normal β€œ. 
πŸ“’ All cutting and styling tools will be sanitized between each guest. Rest assured we are keeping your health our top priority 
πŸ“’ Please read, sign, and send back via email the waiver - you can find it in it's own tab in the navigation menu.
πŸ“’ Gratuity may be left on credit card, or you can do cash. 
πŸ“’ All artists will be wearing a face mask, face shield or goggles, gloves when required, and a clean smock for each guest. 
πŸ“’ As usual every cape and towel is freshly washed for each guest. 
πŸ“’ For our immune compromised guests we have reserved Sunday's from 10-2 for you. Each artist will have a rotating Sunday to accommodate. This is a private appointment, it will be just you and your artist. 
πŸ“’ Please inform your artist of all services needed so you are booked correctly  
πŸ“’ As we will have a very strict schedule to keep, please arrive to your appointment on time, we WILL NOT BE ABLE TO SERVE YOU if you’re late.  We require 24 hours notice for cancelled appointments. If you cancel under the 24 hour time frame there is a $25 inconvenience fee that must be paid before being able to reschedule.  Any no call /  no show guests will be charged 50% of their service.
πŸ“’ Alternatively , if we are running late ourselves due to unforeseen circumstances, someone will be in contact to let you know in advance of your scheduled time. 
πŸ“’ We understand this is a very challenging time for everyone. Our rules and regulations are mandated by the state board and CDC. We are aware that some of these regulations might not work for you at this moment in time. We appreciate and value your support and patience as we navigate this together. If you have any questions don’t hesitate to reach out. 

XO Team Revolt