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Hot Tip Tuesday: Episode 1

Every Tuesday we’ll be bringing you some hot tips for your everyday styling needs.  To kick off our hot tips we’re going to dive rite into the literal driving force for all of our products: BASSU OIL

Here at Revolt Hair Studio we strive for beauty with a conscience.  By providing healthy alternatives to traditional salon hair color & products; we’re truly making a difference for our guests, as well as ourselves.  – Alyssa Artistic Director & Owner

Bassu oil comes from the Babassu Palm, native to Brazil.  It is commonly known as the tree of life, and it’s outer shell is one of the hardest in the world.  Our Bassu Oil compliments, of Surface Hair, is cold pressed and never uses biochemical fermentation.  Bassu Oil comes in two formulas, regular and gold.

Bassu Oil regular formula is perfect for guests with fine – medium textured hair.  The molecular structure of the oil is so small it actually is able to penetrate into the cortex of the hair.  In turn – whatever you couple that Bassu Oil with, will drive into the center of your hair!

Bassu Gold is crafted for guests with medium – coarse textured hair.  Our original formula is paired with carrot and Argan oils creating the rich golden color.  The blend of oils will be heavier in weight, hence why it’s recommended use is for hair that is more coarse.

Application: Apply to damp hair before blow-drying; or you can also apply after you’ve dried your hair.  Bassu Oil hydrates, moisturizes, smoothes, detangles, adds shine, and brightens / protects your color investment.

  1. Other uses perfect for Bassu Oil regular:  Makeup primer, soothe a sunburn, mix with your liquid foundation, color additive to get 30% better grey coverage, soothe an on scalp lightening application, after a double process, after a waxing experience, & in our max repair conditioning treatment


As always, contact us with any questions you might have.

Xo Alyssa

Owner & Artistic Director

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