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Hot Tip Tuesday: Episode 2

Welcome back for some more hot tips!  Today we’ll be breaking down my second favorite   Surface Hair product: Trinity Dry Shampoo.

We’ve all been there, day 3 of dirty hair – but you look like a slime bucket.  FML.  But what if I told you, I have the perfect accessory to make your style last at least a week, if not more?!

Trinity Dry Shampoo is a blend of Lemon extract, volcanic ash, ocean water, and amaranth.  This infusion not only wicks away moisture, but absorbs oil, order, and sweat!

In addition to the blend of anti moisture warriors, Trinity Dry Shampoo is loaded with the color vita complex.  CVC is packed with color preserving ingredients such as vitamins A, C, & E, ceramide 3, and omega 3 & 6 fatty acids.  Joined together, this blend of essential fatty acids and antioxidants will help to respect your color investment.  Ready for the icing on the cake.  Th entire Trinity line is also amazing at creating more volume / building diameter on strands because of the Amaranth Protein.

Now let me guess, you’ve tried dry shampoo in the past and it left a dingy white residue on your hair.  Not this dry shampoo friends!  We are completely talc free – so zero residue!  Better yet, because of this, you can apply Trinity Dry Shampoo to wet hair and get a killer blowout.

  1. Application: here’s my go to’s for cocktails using Trinity Dry Shampoo.  

  2. Intense volume : Push Powder & dry shampoo before a blowout

  3. medium volume : airlift & dry shampoo before a blowout

  4. soft volume : dry shampoo before a blowout

  5. forgot deodorant : dry shampoo ( also aluminum free )

  6. thick thighs : dry shampoo ( fight the chafe )

  7. hot flash : dry shampoo the back of your neck ( so refreshing )

  8. stinky gym clothes / bag / sneakers : dry shampoo

  9. HOTTEST TIP OF THEM ALL: use dry shampoo to preserve your style, instead of treat your problem.  That’s rite – use dry shampoo on the day you wash, and continue to layer as needed.  With continued use, and less frequent washing – you’ll be able to go a week and half without having to wash AND staying odor / sweat / slime bucket free. 👌🏻

Now you know what multiple uses you have with Trinity Dry Shampoo, I challenge you to try it and give me a hot tip!


As always, contact us with any questions!

Xo Alyssa Owner & Artistic Director

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