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Hot Tip Tuesday: Episode 3

00 Bassu Clear Shine Treatment / Color Clarity

Does your hair ever look dull, and feel dry? Do you wish there was a shine treatment that lasts longer than a deep conditioning mask? Well look no further! Ask Your artist about our Surface Color Clarity Treatment.

            The Bassu shine treatment is a clear overlay that can help seal down your hair’s cuticle for better shine.  Bassu clear has built in bond building and strengthening thanks to Certified Organic Amaranth Protein. Amaranth also provides natural UV protection to help color last longer. Babassu oil provides moisture and drives this treatment into the hair for long lasting results. Pectinase and Moringa provide 30+ anti-oxidants to clear all free radicals from the hair and align the hair’s protein fibers for maximum clarity and shine. Free radicals are absorbed into the hair from our environment which can cause color fading and dull-looking hair.

This treatment is for anyone that feels like their hair is dull-looking. The Bassu clear treatment can be applied to colored, or non-colored hair to bring back shine and enhance your color.  Did you know, Bassu clear can bring life back to your hair without having to change the color?  Add this treatment onto your next service to experience the amazing shine, and clarity it brings to your hair! It is recommended that you do this service once every 4-6 weeks to keep your hair looking and feeling as healthy as it can.

As with any service in the salon, the at home care will extend the benefits of this service. Follow up at home with Trinity Color Care Shampoo & Conditioner to continue strengthening the hair and eliminating free radicals. For even better shine, softness and to help combat frizz from within, add the Bassu Hydrating Mask into your routine for 60 seconds once a week after shampooing.

Schedule your Bassu Shine Treatment with us today!

Origins Artist : Brandon Trilli

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