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Hot Tip Tuesday: Episode 6

Trinity Protein Repair Tonic

Does your hair feel dry? Have you have tried every product out there for dry hair with no results?  Or worse yet, cause more damage?!

The answer may be as simple as switching the type of products you are using. Many people think that because their hair feels dry, they need moisture. Truth is, your hair is probably looking for protein.

To get a little insight to that answer, ask yourself the following questions:

Do you color your hair?

Do you get highlights in your hair?

Do you use a blowdryer?

Do you use a hot styling tool such as a flat iron, curling iron, etc.?

– If you said yes to any of these, ask your stylist to perform a stand test to see what your hair truly needs.

Your hair is primarily made up of protein. Many services and tools have the ability to compromise the health of your hair by stripping out protein little by little. By replacing that protein you are then increasing the hair health, shine, and elasticity, and who doesn’t want that?

An absolute favorite of mine is Surface Protein Repair Tonic. It is the highest form of protein from Surface to be used out of the salon. It contains Amaranth, Soy, and Keravis which make this particular protein flexible.  Because of this, the cationic proteins which are all plant based, cannot be over used! Not only will it repair, condition, protect, and add shine; it actually improves color retention. After all, the Amaranth flower is known as the never fading flower.  For the maximum reconstruction of your hair; spray the Repair Tonic on the hair, wet or dry, and add heat.  Be sure if you are spraying it on dry before any iron work, it’s completely dry to the touch before using your hot tool.  My personal favorite is our Amika Illuminati Diamond Styler  buy one for yourself on our online store!

Culture Artist : Brandi

Instagram – @branbranstyles

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