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Hot Tip Tuesday : Episode 7

Did you know Revolt is an eco friendly salon? We are partnered with an organization called Green Circle Salons to help recycle and repurpose over 95% of salon waste.

Shockingly salons in North America generate 877 pounds of waste per minute that is equivalent to 421,000 pounds A DAY heading to land fills! Green Circle Salons has found innovative ways to help salons reclaim millions of pounds of beauty waste.

For example hair that is cut is swept up and recycled to help clean up oil spills, and make pet beds for disaster relief!  Metal from color tubes / product canisters will be repurposed into bicycles, and water is extracted from unused hair color.  There is a $2 environmental stewardship fee applied to all transactions to allow Revolt to participate in this incredible organization. To us that is a small price to pay to help keep our Earth clean!

Core Artist Jill

Instagram : @Jilly_the_hairgirl

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