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Hot Tip Tuesday : Episode 9

Salon Color Services Explained

To make you more comfortable with expressing your needs in the salon

Thinking about trying a new hair color, but don’t know what service is right for you? With so many new and exciting trends changing every season – it can be difficult to keep focus on the looks you want for your own hair. I understand the feeling of knowing what I want for my hair, but not knowing how to properly convey my needs to my stylist; it’s frustrating! I personally have a hard time expressing to others how I want my hair to look, mostly because the style I want makes sense in my head but I can’t seem to put it in words. If you struggle with communicating to your stylist, then keep reading!

Hair color can be as scary as it is exciting! I’m here to tell you that with a good connect session with your stylist, there should be nothing to be nervous about! Make sure, before you even step foot into the salon, take note of your hair color history for the past two years, the products you use daily and any medications you take regularly. You would be surprised as to how these three factors could completely change the outcome of your color service. For example, any color you’ve used in the past could still be clung to your hair even if you can’t see it. Your stylist will be able to tell if there is color on your hair when you are going lighter, because banding, or uneven lifting will occur. Prescriptions and hair products can affect the hair’s ability to accept and retain color, so be honest with your stylist!

Lightening services are not just for blondes and people looking for big changes. Your stylist can also achieve more subtle dimension throughout your hair, based on the information you give about yourself to your stylist during your connect session. Techniques like balayage (free-hand open air hair painting) can offer some of the most subtle dimension and natural grow out. Balayage can also be used to create lighter blondes with the same natural grow out. (Note: Balayage can also be achieved in foil like highlights!) Highlights can be anything from super fine and soft to bold and chunky, this is where your personality comes into play; do you like noticeable and bright or soft and blended? Foil highlights are usually the most common in the salon and can range from just a few face-framing foils to a full head. Doble-process blonde is when the stylist applies lightener directly to the scalp and also throughout the hair if not already lightened. There are also many different techniques to achieve the same look so don’t worry if your stylist recommends a different technique than you’ve seen before.

Single process color is basically only one color applied to your whole head. Single process services can create super natural results, or can be bolder based on your preferences. Stylist use color to keep the same level, darken or even lighten a guest. If your hair hasn’t been colored before, or you are already lighter, your stylist can lighten up to two levels with permanent hair color. I would advise not going more than two levels lighter with permanent color – as this could expose more, difficult to neutralize, warm undertones that naturally occur in the hair. If your hair is already colored, you won’t be able to lift any of that color to a lighter level without lightener being applied in some way.

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