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Sexy Hair: HOW TO

Ever wonder how to get that perfect date night style?  Or, you simply just can’t recreate the look your stylist gave you.  Lets give it a breakdown.

Prep: Choosing what shampoo & conditioner to use is vital.  No, we’re not just trying to ” sell ” you something.  It’s a proven fact time and time again why choosing professional products are the foundation to healthy hair, that retains your color investment longer.  CHOOSE the shampoo and conditioner best suited to your style goals.  Need texture, body, and volume?  CHAR will be your best bet, utilizing activated charcoal and seaweed fibers to give you that extra boost.  Perhaps you’re a curly girl who tends to be extra dry or frizzy?  CURLS with the organic blend of Babassu, Amaranth, Cocoa & Shea Butters help to soften, smooth, protect, and decrease frizz.  Whatever your target needs are, choose the best prep cleanser & conditioner.


Prime: Here’s another place we can fall short – priming the hair for what you want it to do.  Just like Waze or google maps; they would do us no good unless they told us how to get from point A to point B.  Same with choosing your stylers, they need to tell your hair what to do.  I am obsessed with Bassu Oil, and Protein Cream – if you’ve ever sat in my chair you know these are the first two things I apply.  Bassu Oil: Healing oil that penetrates into the hair shaft adding shine, moisture, and hydration – all while being 100% weightless.  Protein Cream: Realigns hair fibers and fills in any voids, or deficits in the protein structure of the hair.  Now that we’ve got the integrity of the hair nailed, lets move on to stylers.


Finish: Now that we’ve prepped, primed, styled – it’s time to set our creation.  For finishing waxes and sprays I always like to layer lightly, we can always go back and do more detailing.  After all; you did just spend a decent amount of time crafting this look.  Always layer your wax first, I love Taffy Whip for this.  Taffy Whip: utilizes Japanese wax tree for amazing control, shine, and flexibility in your style.  Want soft texture, but light hold?  Curls Finishing Spray is great because it provides a humidity barrier ( tame that frizz ) and memory.  Something a little stronger and buildable?  Char Finishing Spray will layer and hold beautifully, all while creating ultimate volume.

* To help hold, or enhance your style – these finishers are an absolute must have!  Curls Finishing Spray, Impulse, Awaken Protein Finishing Spray, Taffy Whip, Char Hairspray, Texture Paste.  Theses are just a sample of what my go to’s are.

As always, send us any questions you might have – or stop in for a connect session to help find your new favorite routine.

xo Revolt

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