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Surviving the quarantine : together

As we charter these uncertain times together, please know.  We’re in this with you!  We miss our guests terribly.  We hate not being to hug you because it’s been 6 weeks since we last saw each other.  we feel just awful that you’re not loving the way you look rite now.

Not only is the quarantine rough on all small business, but it’s equally as rough on the people who thrive on interaction and creativity.  Here at Revolt, we have come up with a few solutions we find to be working for our guests.

Let’s face it, you have roots now and you’re looking at what box color buy.  We are offering your custom color kit!  Your specific formula with enough color to cover the most important areas: your part and front hairline.  An applicator brush, gloves, detailed instructions, and a FaceTime video chat if you need help – all delivered to your doorstep!

Additionally, if you need products to hold you over, enjoy our curbside pickup!  Simply text us to order and pre pay, and we will deliver it to your car at our location.  Our curbside pickup has designated times and dates for convenience.

Now implementing our VIRTUAL MENU:

Select from a few virtual options like classes, keep or toss products / makeup, even blow-dry or style tutorials.

Most importantly, check on your artist, some of us are not ok.  This global disaster has forced thousands of us to completely halt all income.  all while wondering if and when help will be on the way.

We’re you’re number one fan!  we can not wait to see you again once this is all over.  Please don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions you might have, text us at 484-773-2542.  Until we meet again, stay well & be kind.

xoxo Team Revolt

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