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The Perfect Blow-dry: How To

You read our previous blog, Sexy Hair: How To.. correct?  In there we discussed the importance of utilizing the proper prep, prime, stylers, and finishers for your desired end result.  Hair type and texture can also play a big role in what stylers you should be using.

Did you know the tools you choose also have a huge impact on what your end result will be?  Or after continued use, will your hair still have the same integrity?  What about your color investment?

Once you’ve selected the desired products to achieve your look, and applied; lets break down on how exactly to get the perfect blow-dry. 

Volume : do you want big hair, with lift from the root?  Or sleek and sexy?  Round brush size matters!  Or perhaps you’ll need a flat brush, paddle brush, or vent brush.  Large round brush = less volume and more smoothing.  Small round brush = more lift and curl / bend.  To craft a sleeker style, or to tame unruly curls; a paddle brush will do wonders.  Use the shape of your head to smooth the hair from side to side.

Air Flow : How you use your **blow dryer is extremely important.  The direction at which the air flow from your dryer comes into contact with your hair will determine if you just created a frizzled mess, or a smooth polish.  The easiest way to remember how you should use it, is as simple as the way your hair grows!  meaning; dry in the direction of your hair from roots to ends.  NEVER against the cuticle of your hair.

The Rough Dry : Before ever touching a brush to your hair, make sure it’s at least 80% dry.  Once your styling products have been applied, rough dry your hair.  Keep in mind your airflow, and how its being directed against the hair.  Use your hands to direct the hair with your blowdryer; and your fingers can be great directors / de-tanglers.  Want lift?  Be sure to lift your hair up directly from where it grows out with your hand, and dry from roots to ends.

Polish : Hair is 80% dry?  Great!  Now you can bust out your brush of choice.  ( I love my **Salon Tech round brushes.  They’re infused with ceramic & ionic to help reduce drying time, and add a beautiful polish to the hair. )  It might be easier for you to section out the zone you’re working on the have ultimate control.  Clip the rest of your hair out of the way – if it’s long enough.  Again, keeping the airflow from your dryer going roots to ends, direct the hair with the brush as you dry.  For the most lift, dry the hair at a 90 degree angle ( directly away from where it grows out of the head ).  Always keep the brush and dryer moving, never hold it in one spot.  Taking manageable sections continue drying the rest of your style.  Fringe, or bang giving you trouble?  I love to dry these away from the face, creating an airier appearance.  Cowlick?  dry the section in all directions.  Left, right, up, down.  This will break the natural growth pattern, and make it easier to style.

Finish : Now that you’ve crafted the perfect blow-dry, it’s time for your finish work.  Or, perhaps you really enjoy what you’ve accomplished, and don’t need to dive into heat tools, BRAVO!  For those of you who desire a curling iron, or flat iron ( I love my **Amika stylers. ) Be sure the hot tool of choice is salon quality, and will protect your hair integrity & color investment.  Or the next thing you’ll know – you’ll be instantly transported back to 2008 and have some fried emo locks 👎🏻 or be lucky enough to have a flat iron haircut!  NOT….  As always, use your heat tools with protective heat stylers, and make sure the temperature of your tool is never above 380 degrees ( or less for fine / thin / compromised hair ) Notice splits, frizzles, white dots?  Get a damn haircut, and turn down your iron.  Those are all signs of excessive heat damage.  The hair around your face is the most fragile, so turn your hot tool down when you get to the front.

**Flat Iron : This tool should straighten your hair in a single pass, not multiple passes.  Be kind to your hair.

**Curling Iron / Wand : This tool should be inserted about 2 inches away from the scalp at a 45 degree angle ( so you don’t get Shirley temple curls ).  Roll hair into the iron leaving the ends for last.

** I’ve included the direct links to my favorite products for your shopping pleasure.  check out our online store to stock up on the professional brands we know and trust.

Still having difficulties?  Join us for a one on one lesson on how to create the perfect blow-dry for you.

Xo Alyssa

Owner & Artistic Director

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